The High Plains Blues Society is pleased to participate in the local BLUES In The SCHOOLS Project, as one of its community service programs.
Members of the HPBS are happy to provide assemblies, classroom experiences, workshops, and presentations, in cooperation with K-12 teachers and administrators.
Representatives of the HPBS who are knowledgable, experienced, and interested in educating students about Blues Music, and the lasting cultural influences of this musical genre, can provide a range of interesting foci through which to discuss and experience The Blues.
Curricula can focus on:
  • Music History, the musical aspects of rhythm, structure, lyrics, tonality, composition, performance, instrumentation
  • Geography, as relates to the migration of the Blues up the Mississippi Delta to the urban centers along the Mighty River, the different styles of Blues created in isolation by different performers, and the impact of the Plantation System as it affected the development of Blues Music
  • Black History, the institution of the slave trade, slavery in the south, economics of exploitation, the diaspora of black people after emancipation, economic influences drawing black people to urban areas
  • Famous Blues performers and historical figures , styles and changes through time and location, early influences that are still evident in the music of today
  • Other variations on these themes
We are happy to collaborate and cooperate with sponsoring educators to design a program that meets the needs of their students.
Every presentation includes a group of HPBS members who will perform a number of Blues songs to demonstrate the genre, and create a musical experience for students. We are excited to share our knowledge, enthusiasm, and appreciation for Blues Music with new generations of potential fans.
The Blues in the Schools committee includes:
  • Robert Wilson
  • Bill Varn
  • Steve Price
They can be contacted through the HPBS website forum, or through Steve Price at 970-481-6551.