High Plains Blues Society

About Us:     
Several years ago, a small group of Northern Colorado musicians envisioned an organized blues society that would serve the needs of the greater Fort Collins area. To assess public interest, several of these individuals staged an open show of local blues talent. It soon became evident that the community at large would support this project, as nearly 200 people provided contact information to keep abreast of future plans for the society.

In 2015, the Fort Collins Blues Society (FCBS) officially became a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization run by volunteers who would provide music events and membership services to blues fans throughout Northern Colorado. In early 2020, membership was extended to also include Wyoming and Nebraska residents as well. Thus, the organization was renamed the High Plains Blues Society (HPBS).

Currently, HPBS maintains up-to-date individual, band, and corporate membership records; provides a website detailing musician profiles, events, and popular venues; and presents periodic musical showcases to introduce the general public to the blues as well as provide an opportunity for others to become HPBS members and volunteers.

Our Mission Statement: 
HPBS strives to promote and support blues music in Larimer and Weld counties in Northern Colorado, as well in the neighboring states of Wyoming and Nebraska. 

Just as HPBS endorses diverse styles of blues music, so we welcome all individuals to participate in events, volunteer their time and talents, and share enthusiasm for blues music in a wholly supportive and unbiased environment. We therefore proudly accept all who wish to partner with us in making blues music an important part of our community and culture.

Our Ultimate Goals: 
The overall vision for the HPBS is to: 

  • Show genuine appreciation for blues music, associated performing artists, and all who enthusiastically follow this genre by providing and sponsoring events and membership support 
  • Introduce the traditions, sounds, history, and culture of the blues to current and future generations – taking demonstrations and presentations into schools and other public places 
  • Establish and endorse local venues where live music is performed 
  • Cooperate with local charitable organizations to provide a sense of mutual support in keeping the blues alive 

Our Leadership Team and Responsibilities: 

President Dave Dardine Program Coordinator
Vice-President Kent Obermann Event Coordinator
Treasurer Chas McCarthy Financial Coordinator
Secretary Bonni Lafferty Membership Coordinator
Webmaster Chick Cavallero Blues Blast Weekly Email
Communications Kate Dardine Social Media/Website
Publicity Maggie Daniel Features/Press Releases/Photography